Conveyancing & Property Law

This is the legal process involved in transferring the title of a property from a seller to a buyer.

If you are buying or selling property you need the services of a Conveyancer to do the legal work. Conveyancing work may involve preparation of documents such as contracts and leases, giving advice on conveyancing documents, exchanging sale contracts, organising surveys and building inspections, arranging registration of title documents and attending settlement.

Cater & Blumer represents buyers and sellers, borrowers and lenders, landlords and tenants. Our main aim is to provide efficiency in all transactions whether it is buying or selling your home, a vacant block, commercial property and farming property including subdivisions. At all times we will advise you on various options and act to protect your interests.

Melissa Curry is Cater & Blumer’s Licensed Conveyancer. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and her areas of expertise extend to all aspects of conveyancing, leases and water contracts.

When selling property, a Contract of Sale of Land is required. Melissa will obtain all the disclosure documents that need to be attached to a contract such as a council zoning certificate, a copy of the title and other title documents, deposited or strata plan, sewer diagram and any other documents that may be required for your particular transaction. It is important to note that when listing a residential property for sale (either with an agent or privately), it is a legal requirement that a proposed Contract is prepared and available before the property can be advertised.

Melissa is also able draft any special clauses that may be required for your contract.

Upon the sale being negotiated by the selling agent and thereafter Contracts been entered into and exchanged, Melissa will liaise with the discharging mortgagee (if applicable) to release the existing security over the subject property and arrange for a payout of such security upon settlement. Any surplus funds can be banked on your behalf or alternatively collected from our office following settlement.

When buying a property, Melissa will explain the Contract to you, organise any property inspections, discuss your financial position and negotiate with the seller’s conveyancer on any special needs such as an extended settlement period or the amount of deposit. Liaison with your lender on finance approval is also an important role.

Once contracts have been exchanged, Melissa will carry out property searches on your behalf, adjust and attend to payment (following settlement) of all outstanding rates and water charges and take all the necessary steps to settle the matter and arrange settlement fund from the incoming mortgagee.

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