October 15

“Reclaim the Night”

“Reclaim the Night” March – 25 October @ 6.30 pm at Memorial Park. This march has now taken place in Griffith approximately 13 years. It is organised by the Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee of which I am the Chair. The idea of the march is to promote that there be safe streets for women.

July 10

Motor vehicle accidents and compensation

Can I recover compensation if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident? Yes. Upon registration of a motor vehicle, it is compulsory to take out Green Slip insurance which covers certain people involved in motor vehicle accidents. What should you do if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident? If Police do not.

April 28


Many people have sustained significant property damage as a result of the recent floods. Such issues have arisen: 1. Whether you have cover. There are a couple of insurance companies who have indicated they will decline liability due to coverage not being for flood. If this has happened you should get legal advice as it.