October 15

“Reclaim the Night”

“Reclaim the Night” March – 25 October @ 6.30 pm at Memorial Park. This march has now taken place in Griffith approximately 13 years. It is organised by the Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee of which I am the Chair. The idea of the march is to promote that there be safe streets for women.

July 10

Motor vehicle accidents and compensation

Can I recover compensation if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident? Yes. Upon registration of a motor vehicle, it is compulsory to take out Green Slip insurance which covers certain people involved in motor vehicle accidents. What should you do if I am involved in a motor vehicle accident? If Police do not.

March 21

Special Disability Trusts

Centrelink has allowed a Special Disability Trust to be set up for a person who is in receipt of a disability Centrelink pension or are Veteran’s Affairs pensions. The amount that can be placed in the disability trust basically increases each year. It increases pursuant to roughly by the Consumer Price Index. The current amount.

September 23

Testamentary Trusts

A Testamentary Trust is a series of Trusts set up in a Will. Like a normal Will, you still need to have the executor and alternative executors. The Executor of course being the person who carries out the wishes of the Will Maker. Beneficiaries can be left assets in their sole name or they can.

April 28


Many people have sustained significant property damage as a result of the recent floods. Such issues have arisen: 1. Whether you have cover. There are a couple of insurance companies who have indicated they will decline liability due to coverage not being for flood. If this has happened you should get legal advice as it.

January 7


Basically anyone who is 18 years of age or over should have a Will. The Will is the document that directs the executor to deal with your property pursuant to your instructions in the Will upon your death. The Executor is the person who has the role of carrying out your wishes pursuant to the.

October 12

Water Under the Bridge — A Guide to the Murray Darling Basin

Water Under the Bridge — A Guide to the Murray Darling Basin by Kate Jennings Article in The Monthly Kate Jennings offers comment revealing she is ‘green-ish’, but also has a dog in the fight having grown up on a rice farm in Coleambally. ” … The demonising of farmers has been insidious in the.

October 2

Guardianship Tribunal

The Guardianship Tribunal is a Tribunal set up by the NSW Government which deals with people who have disabilities. The Tribunal can make either or both: A. Financial control order B. A Guardianship Order A. Financial Control Order. Is where an Order is made requiring a person’s money, property and financial matters are to be.

August 8

Succession Planning

I thought we might just talk about some of the issues in relation to succession planning. Most people think it applies just to farmers but anyone involved in a business should be looking at a process of how they are going to hand over the business or the farming enterprise to children or family members..

March 26

Wills and Water Entitlements

Wills and Water Entitlements Traditionally in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation area and Coleambally Irrigation area water entitlement automatically pass with the farm whether by way of sale or in a person’s estate. Therefore quite often Wills would say Farm to my Son and the balance of my Estate to my daughter or daughters. In particular since.

March 25

Powers of Trustees

People become trustees to look after funds or property for other people. The most common role we see is that in Estates. When a person dies with a Will, the Executor after the administration of the Estate if there is still property to be held as trustee, then it automatically becomes the Trustee. If there.

February 16

Sale of Water and Tax Issues

  1. Capital Gains Tax. If anyone is selling water entitlements including shares in Murrumbidgee Irrigation or Coleambally Irrigation they must be aware that if a profit is being made they will be paying Capital Gain Tax unless the water entitlements were purchased or received by the person in their own name prior to September.