“Reclaim the Night”

“Reclaim the Night” March – 25 October @ 6.30 pm at Memorial Park.
This march has now taken place in Griffith approximately 13 years. It is organised by the Griffith Local Domestic Violence Committee of which I am the Chair. The idea of the march is to promote that there be safe streets for women and children at night.

No one should have a fear of walking on our streets at night in our Local Community.

It is a worldwide movement and the march takes place in different cities and towns throughout the world on the last Friday in October.

We meet in the Memorial Park at 6.00 pm and the march starts at 6.30 pm and goes along the footpath down Banna Avenue to the CWA and then back up the other side to the Victoria Hotel and back to Banna Avenue. We have a guest speaker and the function is completed by 7.30 pm. Women, men and children are welcome to attend and march. There are balloons available for children and there is a sausage sizzle and drinks available after the march.

There is a lot of publicity especially with the abduction, rape and murder of the young woman Jill Meagher in Melbourne last year. Everyone should be able to walk at night in our streets without the fear of being attacked.

In our Local community there have been over the years assaults at night. A Police presence in the main streets has reduced such crime. It is a matter however that the more people that use the streets the less likely it is that people will be attacked.

Aired October 2013 on Radio 2RG Griffith