Water Under the Bridge — A Guide to the Murray Darling Basin

Water Under the Bridge — A Guide to the Murray Darling Basin
by Kate Jennings
Article in The Monthly

Kate Jennings offers comment revealing she is ‘green-ish’, but also has a dog in the fight having grown up on a rice farm in Coleambally.

” … The demonising of farmers has been insidious in the last decade but reached a crescendo this last year when the Murray Darling Basin Authority’s Guide to the Proposed Basin Plan was released – all 1118 pages of it with production values as high as a Mercedes-Benz brochure – and a miniscule contingent of angry irrigators – arch-villains du jour – burned copies in Griffith. It was a plan which proposed cutting water in amounts that would’ve, if not outright killed irrigation areas and their towns, at the very least caused them to atrophy. A plan assembled without consultation with farmers and scientists from the areas in question. A plan the government neglected to tell them was only a discussion paper. The actual burning, televised and played whenever the issue comes up, imitated an earlier event at Deniliquin that wasn’t caught on tape. In Griffith, journos all but handed the demonstrators the match. The protest left most of the people who attended the town meeting – 5000 of them – squeamish, but some now admit that at least those ratbags forced the nation to look in their direction … “

This is an excerpt of an article that appeared in The Monthly in October, 2011
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