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Farm and Business Succession Planning

Law is nothing else but the best reason of wise [wo]men applied for ages to the transactions and business of [wo]mankind.

Abraham Lincoln

Your Business

Succession planning is about planning for (intergenerational) success. We can assist with:

  • Liaising with specialists for feasability, financial, accounting and estate planning advice
  • Documentation and implementation of the succession plan

Property and Conveyancing

There is nothing which so generally strikes the imagination, and engages the affections of mankind, as the right of property.


Your Property

Our skilled and experienced team can assist with:

  • Preparation and review of contracts for sale for land
  • Preparation and review of retail and commercial leases
  • Advice regarding subdivisions, boundary adjustments and easements
  • Complex property transfers, including intergenerational transfers

Rural Law

All is born of water;
all is sustained by water.

J.W. von Goethe

Your Water

We advise farming enterprises at all levels of scale, including in:

  • High-value agribusiness sales and acquisitions
  • Sale and purchase of farms and water entitlements
  • Advice in relation to agribusiness structures
  • Advice in relation to regulatory action

Family Law

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Fyodor Doestevsky

Your Family

We can help you to make a difficult situation better, including:

  • Separation and divorce
  • Resolution of child custody disputes 
  • Resolution of property and financial disputes
  • Advice regarding de facto relationships and blended families

Wills and Estates

Estate Planning and Wills

Making a plan for the disposal of your assets is a gift to your family and friends.

Estate Planning and Wills

We advise on all aspects of estate planning, including:

  • Preparation of wills, including testamentary trusts
  • Preparation of powers of attorney and appointments of enduring guardianship
  • Estate administration and advice

Commercial and Employment Law

Labour is not a commodity.

Otto Kahn-Freund

Your Employment

We provide assurance in your business dealings, including:

  • Advice in relation to business structures, including partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Employment law advice, including preparation of employment contracts and policies, and dispute resolution 
  • Sale and purchase of businesses and associated assets 
  • Preparation and review of commercial contracts
  • Tendering and procurement (including government)

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation | Mediation | Negotiation 

If we don't maintain justice, justice will not maintain us.

Francis Bacon

Litigation | Mediation | Negotiation 

We specialise in dispute resolution - our experience mean that we bring a commercial and practical lens to the resolution of disputes. We act in resolution of:

  • Commercial disputes, including payment claims
  • Property disputes, including leasing and easement / boundary claims
  • Employment litigation, including unfair dismissal claims and underpayment claims
  • Estate litigation, including family provision claims

Notary Public

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

Albert Einstein

Notary Public

More than a witness, more than a solicitor.

If you are being asked to have a document “notarised”, then that document is being used overseas. Public Notaries are internationally recognised as trustworthy ‘eyes’ on behalf of an overseas person. Notaries detail in words an event (such as signing, witnessing or authenticating a document). The Notary’s account of what happened here in Australia is then relied upon overseas- making your document legal and official.

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